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"As a teacher, I aim to inspire and guide students through the discovery of their own musical voice."


about nick

Nick Frank is a highly accomplished teaching artist, jazz musician, and composer who is devoted to sharing his passion and expertise with students of all ages. He holds a Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies from New York University, where he also served as an Adjunct Student Instructor of Pop/Jazz Guitar, and a Bachelor of Music degree, Summa Cum Laude, from Youngstown State University. With a comprehensive background in jazz and contemporary guitar performance, Nick has taught hundreds of students since 2014, ranging from 12 months to 74 years old. His curricula encompass technique, theory, improvisation, composition, and repertoire across diverse styles.


Throughout his musical journey, Nick has had the privilege of studying under renowned jazz guitarists such as John Scofield, Adam Rogers, and classical guitarist François Fowler. These esteemed mentors have greatly influenced his guitar playing style, helping him cultivate a unique and versatile approach to the instrument. Guided by their expertise, Nick has honed his technical skills, expanded his improvisational abilities, and deepened his understanding of various genres within the jazz idiom.


In addition to his teaching and performance endeavors, Nick has made significant contributions to the music scene. He has extensively performed in theaters throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania as a part of the acclaimed Motown Review Show. Nick has also collaborated with the esteemed Italian pop-opera ensemble, Il Volo, seamlessly blending genres and showcasing his versatility. Furthermore, he served as a guitarist and bandleader for MSC cruise ships, operated by New York-based entertainment company RWS Entertainment, delivering exceptional performances in six different theatrical shows per week, spanning classical, jazz, rock, theater, and popular music.


Nick’s artistry extends to his featured appearances on Spotify-curated playlists. In 2021, he was showcased on the playlist “Jazztronica,” contributing his talent for blending jazz with electronic elements on a track by Unc D. In 2022, Nick’s dedication to promoting contemporary jazz artists and fostering a connection between listeners and the evolving jazz landscape was highlighted with another Unc D track, featured on the playlist “All New Jazz.”


As a teaching artist, Nick is dedicated to nurturing the musical growth and creativity of his students. He fosters a supportive and creative learning environment, encouraging students to develop their individuality and embrace the rich heritage of music. With his extensive education, performance experience, and genuine passion for music, Nick inspires and empowers his students to explore their musical potential and cultivate a lifelong love for this expressive art form.

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