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"The most important lessons I want to impart to my students are how to lean into a challenge and cultivate these moments of discovery for themselves long after they've left the studio, so that music is always enjoyable and something they can claim as their own, no matter why or for how long they intend to play."


about hannah

A freelance cellist with an insatiable appetite for all things cello, Hannah enjoys a versatile credit list in musical theater ensembles, community orchestras, and event venues throughout Northeast Ohio. Hannah believes the adventure and exploration of learning the cello should be a life-long endeavor guided by an open and nurturing approach as unique as each student and extending far beyond their time in the studio. She is thrilled to bring her passion for learning and making music to AMI. She currently performs regularly with the Suburban Symphony, Video Game Symphony, and avidly continues her own studies with David Alan Harrell of the Cleveland Orchestra. 

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