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"I believe students, no matter their age, should explore as many different styles and techniques as possible while still prioritizing the fundamentals. The piano is a diverse instrument, and no two students will approach it the same way."


about will

Will Baughman possesses an irrepressible passion for discovering, creating and sharing the joy of musical expression through piano. Having demonstrated an insatiable harmonic curiosity at the age of 6, he began studying with the internationally recognized author and teacher Nancy Bachus. He was immersed in the importance of correct technique, posture and dynamic sensitivity in his classical training. Participating in years of competition, his skill was recognized by the piano community as an aficionado. With his musical ear, and ability to read music as his “ language”, he demonstrated a skill level far beyond his years. He developed a passion for traditional and modern jazz through his teen years while maintaining expert command over his roots in classical performance, performing regionally with his family band since the age of 9.


Will continued his classical and jazz training at Kent State University under Steinway Artist Dr. Andrew Le, performing solo as well as collaboratively for doctoral candidates. In 2022, he won the Kent State University Concerto Competition and performed the Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in F-sharp minor with the Kent State Orchestra. Will’s vast experience in performance has continued as well as collaborations with musicians and ensembles throughout the Great Lakes Region including The Madtown Jazz Expansion, The Colin Palmeri Trio, Scott Keo (Michael Bublé Tribute Band), South Street Jazz Company, Gateway Worship Band, Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple, and The Michel Weber Show. In addition, he frequently performs at public and private events adding his unique style to each musical endeavor.


Students studying with Will are enthusiastic and committed as he is sensitive to the desires and strength of his pupils while infusing the importance of theory, posture, practice schedules, and passion. Will’s students are encouraged to choose their personal genre while promoting the importance of piano fundamentals.

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